Design / Engineering / Consultancy


Our engineers, designers and brewery specialists will find the right solution for your problem, tailored to your specific requirements. To do this we use:

  • RI schematic layout software
  • Hydraulic and prozess simulation tools
  • 3D CAD systems
  • a comprehensive components database
  • Know-how in structural analysis                                                                                                                             All the design listed above are linked by our unique parametric concept.

Our services include:

  • the development of flowcharts ( P & ID ) 
  • 3-dimensional drawings as standard
  • pre-defined performance and installation drawings for each part of the planning
  • the planning work is monitored by computer simulations
  • virtual tour of the installations to define the possibilities for testing
  • An extensive selection of hard- and software enables us to plan exactly the dimensioning of the nominal pipe size and the routing of the pipework.
  • descriptions of the systems process control and maintenance
  • Individual components may be completly pre-assembled and installed in the desired location. 


Manufacture                                                                                                                                                                  Our production line specialises in processing stainless steel:                                         

  • steam / gas distributors
  • tanks
  • valve clusters
  • panels
  • special panels
  • complete units
  • one-off designs or units to the customer`s design or specification


Installation und commissioning                                                                                                                                 We are competent and reliable partners for:

  • the manufacture of equipment by our own installations team
  • the use of sophisticated tools, such as the latest automatic welding machines
  • overall process control
  • X-ray testing of welding seams
  • lagging


Performance guarantee

  • project management
  • reliable workmanship
  • oversight
  • cost and time control
  • quality control
  • performance control
  • documentation in the form of 3D illustrations